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    The RECORDER is a device you will be able to mark interesting situations with. Just press the button and look forward to videoclips from the game.

    So all you need is this device and any videocapture of the game. You will get videoclips of desired moment immediately after you finish the game, or even during the game (if a video-live-stream with particular URL web address is provided).

    • Display shows battery capacity, number of recordings, time measured.
    • 3 buttons: Record-button (red one), Delete button, Power button.
    • Micro-USB connector for charging. Battery capacity is able to record many matches in a row.
    • A clip for easy wearing. Putting on a belt or on a top of trousers/shorts is recommended.
    • Memory capacity: 10 hours of (non-stopped) recording, 400 records.
    • Water resistancy: Resistant to light rain.
    • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2 cm
    • Weigth: 88 g
    • Note: A cable for charging is NOT INCLUDED. You can add it to your cart separately.
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  • App PREMIUM subscription – Yearly

     99,00 / year with a 30-day free trial

    Yearly subscription for a Premium membership.

    This membership make you available a full set of features what the application “REFEREE RECORDER” provides.

    30 days free trial period! – Get your own experience and make sure that it’s worthy. Pay for the order after this period.

    What feautures do you get with Premium membership comparing to Free version?

    VIDEOS section

    • Add match video capture via pasting URL
    • Transfer data from the RECORDER to the App
    • Share your own video to the Community
    • Watch videos shared into the Community by other refs
    • Download video(s) to the device (MP4)
    • Filter your own videos and videos from the Community


    • Income by months and by competitions


    • Matches by months, matches by categories
    • Most frequented colleagues


    • Dark mode
    • Unlimited private videos count
  • App PREMIUM subscription – Monthly

     12,90 / month

    How it works?

    The amount will be debited from your debit or credit card every month.

    You can cancel your subsription for any reason anytime.

  • Portable case


    A case for the RECORDER keeps it safe during your traveling to your matches and from them 😉

    • Carbon design
    • A side-pocket for accessories like charging cable (not included)
    • Dimensions 11 x 7 x 3 cm
    • Weight 40 g
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  • Wearable Head Camera 4K


    4K head camera, Wifi, SD card memory slot, videorecording and photoshooting, 70 g

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  • Wearable Head Camera FullHD 1080p


    FullHD head camera, Wifi, SD card memory slot, videorecording and photoshooting, 70 g

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  • Notepad


    Paper notepad for your notes – suitable especially for supervisors/referee coaches.

    Please select your sport.


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  • Molten BLAZZA

    • whistle for amateur and professional referees
    • titanium mouthpiece preventing bites
    • 2 frequencies (3.74 and 4.1 kHz) 125dBA
    • in a package with a neck-string
    • without a ball
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  • Stretch cord for whistle

    • Length: 18cm
    • Weigth: 30 g
    • Material Zinc Alloy + Plastic
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  • Molten Dolphin + cord

    • whistle for professional referees
    • resistant mouthpiece
    • in a package with a neck-string
    • without a ball
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  • FOX40 Sonik Blast CMG

    • rubber mouthpiece protecting teeth
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  • Charging cable


    A cable for a charging of the RECORDER.

    • 50 cm length
    • micro-USB connector
    • black color
    • Note: A socket adapter not included.
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  • Cord FOX40

    • Lenght 45 cm
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  • Molten Dolphin

    • whistle for professional referees
    • resistant mouthpiece
    • without a ball
    • Note: Without a neck-string. Please choose some in accessories.
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