Smart App & Device platform for referees

Have you ever wanted to mark interesting moments during the match? 

Tag key situations during your matches by just pressing a button on the RECORDER device  &  get important video clips easily and automatically right after the game!


Meet your new colleague for the game

All you need is this RECORDER and any recorded video of your match.

How does it work? What do I need?

Recorder device

Use your RECORDER during the match to mark interesting moments. Just click the red button and the last 25 seconds are automatically saved from the moment you pressed the RECORDER. You can change this default timing for all your future videoclips or change the timing of specific videoclips.

Recorded video of the match

The second thing that you need is any recorded video of the match. In the Application you can either upload the video from your mobile/computer or just paste the web address of the video and link it simply with the Application (if the websites supports it).


Because the captured video from the game can take some time, it is required to synchronize your saved situations from the RECORDER with the game recorded video. How? Just find and set the beginning of the match (generally the time you started your recording) in the Application.


Mobile & Web application

Designed for referees, with referees

Your referee life all in one place.

Check it on your computer 

… or on your mobile phone/tablet…

Just press the button on your RECORDER and you get a clip

Get videoclips of interesting situations automatically & immediately right after the game!

Watch videos shared in the Referee Community

Filter videos by their categories (tags) - e.g. game situation, violation or foul type, referee decision type...

The more game videoclips you watch, the better ref you are!

Get better with your improvements checklist

All your knowledge at your hand

Have all your matches in one place

Filter & search quickly your upcoming and previous matches

Get a useful overview of your finances

Compare months, seasons, competitions or how much you have got in cash or on your bank account

Check interesting stats of your referee career

Your matches according to the competition and its categories, and frequented names of your fellow colleagues

Supported sports

Focused on dynamic sports using video


    • Traveling (TV)
    • Double dribble (DD)
    • Out of bounds (OOB)
    • 24 seconds (24S)
    • 8 seconds (8S)
    • 5 seconds (5S)
    • 3 seconds (3S)
    • Ball returned to the backcourt (BCV)
    • Deliberate foot-play the ball
    • Goaltending (GT)
    • Basket interference (BI)


    • Act of shooting (AOS)
    • Block (BL)
    • Charge (CH)
    • Personal foul (PF)
    • Unsportsmanlike foul (UF)
    • Technical foul (TF)
    • Disqualification (DQ)
    • Fighting (FF)
    • Illegal screen (IS)
    • Offense foul (OF)
    • Fake/flop (FL)


    • Mechanics (MEC)
    • Individual officiatting techniques (IOT)
    • Game management (GM)
    • Clock & shotclock management (CM)
    • Teamwork & communication (TW)
    • Competences (AOR)
    • Jump ball & Alternating possession (JB)
    • Double whistle (2W)
    • Tripple whistle (3W)
    • Funny  (:D)

Decision types

    • Correct call (CC)
    • Correct no-call (CNC)
    • Incorrect call (IC)
    • Incorrect no-call (INC)
    • Fantasy/Cheap call (FAC)


    • Yellow card
    • Red card
    • Penalty kick
    • Foul


    • Offide
    • Handball play
    • Technical area/officials behavior
    • Unsportmanlike like conduct
    • Standard situations
    • Funny 🙂

Decision type

    • Controversial situation
    • Correct decision
    • Incorrect decision


    • Boarding (BOARD)
    • Broken Stick (BR-ST)
    • Butt-Ending (BUT-E)
    • Charging (CHARG)
    • Checking From Behind (CHE-B)
    • Checking to the Head or Neck Area (CHE-H)
    • Clipping (CLIPP)
    • Cross-checking (CROSS)
    • Delay of Game (DELAY)
    • Diving or Embellishment (EMBEL)
    • Elbowing (ELBOW)
    • Fighting (FIGHT)
    • Head-Butting (H-BUT)
    • High-Sticking (HI-ST)
    • Holding (HOLD)
    • Holding The Stick (HO-ST)
    • Hooking (HOOK)
    • Interference (INTRF)
    • Interference On A Goaltender (GK-INT)
    • Kicking (KICK)
    • Kneeing (KNEE)
    • Late Hit
    • Roughing (ROUGH)
    • Slashing (SLASH)
    • Slew-Footing (SLEW)
    • Spearing (SPEAR)
    • Spitting (SPIT)
    • Too Many Men (TOO-M)
    • Tripping (TRIP)
    • Unsportsmanlike Conduct (UN-SP)
    • Illegal Hit (women)


    • Icing the puck
    • Off side
    • Hand pass
    • Goal with Skate
    • Attacking player in the goal crease
    • Intentional off side
    • Closing the puck by the hand
    • Face-off
    • Player change

Call type

    • Good call
    • Good no call
    • Bad call
    • Bad no call
    • Cheap call / Over-reaction


      • Too many steps
      • Holding the ball for more then 3 seconds
      • Illegal driible
      • Keep the distance of 3 metres
      • Passive play


    • Restraining, holding or pushing
    • Hitting
    • Offensive foul
    • Warning (yellow)
    • Suspension (2 minutes)
    • Disqualification (red)
    • 7-metre throw
    • Information written report (blue) 


    • Throw-Off
    • Throw-In
    • Free throw

Decision types

    • Correct call (CC)
    • Correct no call (CNC)
    • Incorrect call (IC)
    • Incorrect no call (INC)


    • Hit
    • Locking an opponent’s stick
    • Lifting an opponent’s stick
    • High stick
    • Placing stick, foot or leg between an opponent´s legs
    • Hooking
    • Incorrect pushing
    • Backing into an opponent
    • Roughing
    • Holding
    • Interference
    • Incorrect kicking
    • High kick
    • Entering the goalkeeper area
    • Incorrect distance
    • Incorrect jump
    • Incorrect throw-out
    • Incorrect hit-in / free-hit
    • Playing the ball lying down
    • Hands
    • Header
    • Incorrect substitution
    • Repeated offences
    • Delaying play
    • Misconduct


    • Face-off
    • Hit-in
    • Free-hit
    • Advantage
    • Goals
    • Allowed goals
    • Correctly scored goals
    • Incorrectly scored goals

Call type

    • Correct call (CC)
    • Incorrect call (IC)
    • Correct no call (CNC)
    • Incorrect no call (INC)


    • Tackle
    • Ruck/Maul
    • Scrum
    • Out
    • Line Out
    • Penalty kick
    • Free kick
    • PK-Offside
    • PK-Tackle
    • PK-Ruck/Maul
    • PK-Scrum
    • FK-Scrum
    • PK-Dangerous Play


    • Funny 🙂

Decision types

    • Correct call (CC)
    • Incorrect call (IC)
    • Correct no-call (CNC)
    • Incorrect no-call (INC)


    • False start (FST)
    • Holding, defense (DEH)
    • Holding, offense (OFH)
    • Illegal block in the back (IBB)
    • Illegal shift (ISH)
    • Illegal touching of a forward pass (ITP)
    • Offside defense (DOF)
    • Pass interference defense (DPI)
    • Pass interference offense (OPI)


    • Funny 🙂

Decision types

    • Correct call (CC)
    • Incorrect call (IC)
    • Correct no-call (CNC)
    • Incorrect no-call (INC)


    • Service
    • Screening
    • Substitution
    • Game delay
    • Misconduct


    • Misconduct warning (yellow)
    • Misconduct penalty (red)
    • Expulsion (yellow & red)
    • Disqualification (yellow, red)


    • Teamwork
    • Funny (:D)

Decision types

    • Correct call (CC)
    • Incorrect call (IC)
    • Correct no-call (CNC)
    • Incorrect no-call (INC)

Following sports are not fully supported, but anyway you can use REF REC without explicit categories.

  • Field hockey
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Korfball
  • Lacrosse
  • Box
  • Fighting
  • Table tennis
  • Beach handball

Your sport is not on the list? Do you want to cooperate with us and become a pionner for your sport and REF REC? Please contact us directly.

The REFEREE RECORDER can definitely be used for all kinds of sports.

However, its biggest strength comes when a game recorded video is available and used by us,  the referees, for improving our experience!

Referees who work with the clips, store and share them, will appreciate it the most.

See fully supported sports listed here.

Full sport support means that there are prepared and defined video categories. Referees can categorize their videos. You can then filter all videos from the Community using these categories.

Your sport is not on the list? Do you want to cooperate with us and become a pioneer for your sport and REF REC? Please contact us.


The application is provided in 2 set ups – FREE with limited feature settings and PREMIUM with unlimited feature settings.

Prices of PREMIUM subscription are the following:


PREMIUM membership
  • Cancel anytime
  • Corresponds to € 155 / year


PREMIUM membership
  • 30 days free trial
  • Corresponds to € 8.3 / month

Referee associations or other bigger groups can ask for an individual price offer directly.

Trial period for the app

Try all premium features for 30 days totally for free.
Pay for your subscription afterwards.

Satisfaction guarantee

You can return the RECORDER within 60 days after purchase for any reason.

Subscribe monthly or yearly

Pay easily by recurring payment by your card.
Cancel anytime.

What features do I get with the PREMIUM?




Add a match manually




Add a situation manually

Upload video capture from your device

Watch own videos

Share your own video(s) via direct share

Add match video capture via pasting URL

Transfer data from the RECORDER to the App

Share your own video to the Community

Watch videos shared into the Community by other refs

Download video(s) to the device (MP4)

Filter your own videos and videos from the Community




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All seasons comparison




Matches in the season and by competitions

Matches by months, matches by categories

Most frequented colleagues

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