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RECORDER + Portable case


The RECORDER is a device you will be able to mark interesting situations with. Just press the button and look forward to videoclips from the game.

So all you need is this device and any video capture of the game. You will get videoclips of desired moment immediately after you finish the game, or even during the game (if a video-live-stream with particular URL web address is provided). Recorder works with any game video recording. It is not connected to the camera in any way. The device is completely independent, so you can get your clips whenever you have any video capture.

Your situations are transferred to the Application via NFC (Near Field Communication) – just put your mobile phone and the Recorder close together, like when you pay with your mobile phone at a store checkout.

Parameters of the Recorder device:

  • 3 buttons: Record-button (red one), Delete button, Power button.
  • Display – shows battery capacity, number of recordings, time measured.
  • Battery – capacity is able to record many matches in a row (Micro-USB connector for charging)
  • A clip for easy wearing. Putting on a belt or on a top of trousers/shorts is recommended.
  • Memory – capacity of 10 hours (non-stopped) recording, 400 records.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 88 g
  • Water resistance: Resistant to light and medium rain for the duration of the match





With the RECORDER you will be able to save desired moments during your match.

How to works?

Start recording a very short moment before opening the match.

Then just click the Record- button to save your moments.

Application will create as many videoclips from the game as you saved situations from the match. Videoclip will take last 25 seconds before Record button is pressed. Then you can edit timing of the particular videoclip for sure.


Data transfering: 

Transfering data from RECORDER to the Application works via NFC. Put your mobile phone (or any other device with NFC chip) on the front side of the RECORDER, close to the NFC icon. 

More info

For more info take a look into FAQ section or download a Instructions for use

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